Saturday, November 27, 2010

Te Estaré Esperando

At the middle of the night
I only feel the gentle breeze that pass
I am prisoner of light
Killing time under the oblivious stars

I am the victim of my own crime
Antagonist of my own novel
Feel deadened like rime
Doubts of mine, I still remember 

Hit by this beyond belief emotion
Took my life then at once leave
How I wish I could still hold on
Even though I almost concede

Came by just to thump me
Starts with immense heaven
Acting as if it is endlessly
But happy when causing pain

I feel cheated when it discoloured
I feel worthless and nobody
Never come to realize that I’m abandoned
But it cannot feel my fury

Where am I suppose to tell
In the stars? Moon?  Breeze?
Feel like living in hell
Why this thing makes me seize

The stars are heavenly glowing
Like angels that sing lullaby
Never fade and continuously smiling
Chased by my humorous eye

How I fancy love is but the same
Keeps on singing, and free from pain
Neither gives anguish nor blame
Instead, hilarity and seventh heaven

How I wish love makes me believe
That it’s the sweetest sacrifice
That there is no throbbing to relieve
There is come back with the lies

The moon had sight his farewell 
Mist hugs me when he’s leaving
It’s the dawn and midnight’s dwell
Until he comes back, I’ll be waiting

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