Monday, September 26, 2011

Words Desire to Say

Seconds. Minutes. I remember
The way I look into your inner
Your deeds that imprisoned my pluck
Your laugh that stays in my part

Rode with that horse together
While taking this glowing thoroughfare
Played those childlike games
Fought those valiant names

I always remember the thing you’ve given me
Because of that, music lives with my soul entirely
Always caught ourselves laughing
Always chased our lips smiling

Did I say in front of you?
That I strongly love you
Maybe not, that’s why I feel this way
And heart is still in pain

In immediate, you’ve gone
While soul silently abscond
I don’t even heard you say goodbye
I don’t even told how much I mind

Four years ago when you left in grey
But I feel that it was just yesterday
Maybe I just still can’t accept the truth
That I was left in this world in cloak

Asking myself “where are you now”?
To look for you, I don’t know how
I want to embrace our memories
I want to clinch and won’t let you vanish

Now I’m craving to see you once more
Even in dreams I want you to stay on
So I could say what I wanted to say before
Without words, lolo, unto you I adore

I want you to know
I’m glad that I’m your apo
I hope you hear I say these words with hue
I won’t get weary to say how much I love you

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yellow Umbrella

Was that the 14th day of February
To feel that hearts were floated utterly?

There is something in him I can’t figure out
Made me fall in just a shred of count

His sweetness really meant different to me

I was such unripe, just not like his maturity
I loved him more than just my existence
I loved him even the last slump of my patience

Now I feel the gentle breeze that pass

Kisses my face dressed with a mask
I know that heaven is going to weep
Like me when he started to bequeath

Before I was afraid to strike by heaven’s rip

But he will just sheathe me with his tight grip
He who used to feel me unscathed in his arms
Who I have let go and suddenly missed afterwards

Singing alone the songs we used to sing before

Looking to myself he used to stare before
Sitting alone where we used to sit together before
Walking alone in the road we used to walk together before

I have nobody to share my yellow umbrella with

Not engrossed for someone who will going to bid
When heaven grieves and starts to shed tears once more

When heaven screeches and dare me to reveal my core

Now I don’t mind if I get hit by its cruel tears

Heed nothing when he steadily moved and vanished
He stepped away and I stay here all alone
Must to cease this affection; then never moan

Now I feel the gentle breeze that pass

Kisses my face dressed with a mask
I reminisce of nothing when heaven’s tears go plethora

Summon up of nothing but my missing yellow umbrella