Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cage of Solitude

I am in the cage of solitude
I can’t breathe, I can’t move
I am alone and nobody hears
My screams, shouts and tears

I saw him walking away from me
I am confused, I feel empty
How will I get out of here?
How will I hold him near?

Out of the blue, he is gone
I can’t find him, I wish to run
I induce myself that he can still hear me
But stillness occur; tears flow suddenly

I am afraid to look at his eyes
Afraid that he cannot recognize
Would he still embrace me entirely?
Even the cage factually cuddles us awkwardly?

I want him to stay here beside me
But I don’t have the sovereignty
I want to keep him till the end
But the cage just hurt and stiff to mend

I am alone in the darkness of sorrow
I feel so useless that can’t face tomorrow
What would be the word more than forever?
That’s how long I want to keep him in my centre

I want to cry and let go the feeling
I want to shout and try to stop falling
But as long as I stop this affection
I gradually kill myself on my own 

How I wish I could still hold him
I love him even from daytime to dim
How I wish I could still grasp his face
That more often I would like to kiss

I can only wish that I’m beside him
I can only hope for the love I aim
 I’m still fasten with this cage of gutless
No rights for everything I know is priceless  

My heart beats only just his name
This kind of ardour exceedingly not a game
I hear nothing from him but his mirth
I saw him from a distance but lost so swift

I can’t envisage myself here alone in this cage
With just whit of light and gush me discourage
I know that he deserves to be happy
And yet, that happiness is not in me

There’s no other way to obliterate
The cage that made me inadequate
I can just keep an eye on his steps
Definitely better to kick the buckets

I have with nothing at this moment
He is gone and now I am despondent
Maybe this cage is in high spirits
Because I am left by my vehemence

Pitiful, pathetic and misfortune lass
Motionless in this burly cage of dusk
I’m still in the cage of solitude
When he left, I can’t breathe, I can’t move

It's Love

During the past of mine
I don’t know how to measure the time
Spending time with the one I really love
Coz’ I thought, I can love him more and for some

I adore him since we’re child
Coz’ my heart felt, he’s the prince I find
I don’t know if he already knew
That I longed loving him for years, that’s true

I am wondering if that’s only an infatuation
But how can I explain, he’s now my inspiration
Believe me; he inspired me for so long
That really made me brave and strong

When the time that he had been hurt
My prayers for him, I forgot to sort
Because of the overflowing tears
And ponderous, enormous fears

This lady thought God will get him
That’s for sure; my world be in dim
Coz’ that guy serving as my light
When the moment I won’t try to take a sight

If it’s only an infatuation of mine
My Lord, please give me a sign
If not, I’ll just going to ask
Full of concern, has been my task

Sanguine Ode of a Cynical Lass

You left; that was a year ago
Knowing no reason why but still, you go
I cannot coerce you to stay
You’re not blissful with me, what more can I say

Moving on is not that very easy
I cried since you left, that’s a melancholy
I have waited, if you’re going back
I’ve been longing for you; censure fact

Yes, that was a year ago
But still, I love you so
Seeing you with another girl
Is a feeling that I’m starting to fail

How I wish, I could be her
Someone now that you really care
You share the umbrella with
When raindrops underway to trip

But it won’t be the same feeling
You may leave me again lynching
I should admit the veracity
You’re just a part of yesterday’s fantasy

It’s tough to start another day
And saunter on an obscure way
But I need to carve another chapter
Another peak, just to make the story quiver

Heaven knows how much I loved you
But I just endured, if you only knew
Maybe you’re just deadened to do it
Or just taking pleasure of making me upset

Now, I may be brawny enough to carry on
And trouble-free now for me to go on
I deem that there is somebody in the future
Geared up to applaud me, I am very sure

I hope someday that he won’t be like you
Who made me sob, who don’t help me to grew
It’s just that we don’t justify each other’s loyalty
And you’re just a torn in my striking story

Past Whisperer

It is very ridiculous to reveal
Afterall what happened, I love you still
And it made my heart cry out
And a feeling inside of me wanted to shout

I admit, it hurts me when you did it once
But my heart melted with your simple glance
I’m afraid to let go of the past
For you are the reason why my heart beats fast

I always remember you when I hear our song
I know, loving you this way is very wrong
How will I give another chance for you
If there’s in my life, a somebody new

Even I’m with another guy
I was tricked when I used to lie
I proclaimed that I am over you
But why my heart want to pursue

Saying “I hate you” is only in my mind
My spirit taken away, that’s why I can’t find
Though you still have space in my heart
I and our memories need to settle apart


When you catch me looking at your eyes
Don’t say a thing, just wait for the sun to rise
I tried my best to ignore this
But in my heart, I don’t have the peace

I tried not to show my feeling
Loving you, I know, is the most stupid thing
I want to keep the friendship we have
You promised, nothing will just more than of that

Even you’re there, I felt I am a loner
If I admit, I know you’re going to leave me sooner
It’s very hard, but I sacrificed it all
So that in me, you’re not going to fall

I just want you to be happy
“Joy”, that’s all brought by your wanted lady
Even your happiness gives me pain
I’ll do everything, just to keep that promise remain


It’s stupidity if I still love you
Afterall what happened, look what you do
We know that we were not meant to
What is it in me if I just let you go

Now that I have somebody new
He’s my man, if you only knew
If you also had it, it’s not an argue
But how come letting me know, you pursue?

Do you want to hurt me that way?
I am not affected, I will always say
If you have somebody else, I’ll pray
Longed your companion not like ours yesterday

You don’t need to show me the reality
Coz’ I faced it when I set you free
I just don’t know if you really agree
Coz’ in times we meet, you looked guilty

Stupidity, yes it is
Stop that, I say it please
I know; our memories just made you miss
But I beg you, with my new one, give us the peace


You told me not to cry
It’s very hard for me to try
I cry because you give me reason to
I cry because of, no one else but you

Since you left me alone
I asked, what’s wrong for the I’d shown
Is there something for you to hate me?
Why you asked me to set you free?

Now, there’s no reason for me to stay
Nobody will catch me when I want to lay
All of the plans we made had faded
Now that we fall apart and not committed

There’s no reason now for me to hear our song
To do it is stupidity and perfectly wrong
I don’t have the reason to look forward
It’s very hard for me to let go, I’m a coward

But I need to accept the reality
We didn’t make it ‘til eternity
It’s time for another goodbye
I need to admit, I lost my guy

If letting you go brings you happiness
Don’t expect me to avoid loneliness
Then I have the reason to cry
You are the reason, I’m gaping, why?

My Man

He is the man whom I want to be with
I assure, he is the man I certainly need
In every struggles, he is my protector
He is the man I’m fighting for

He is the knight in shining armor of mine
That’s why I feel so safe and fine
I am secured by my man
In times of pain, unto him, I run

Loving him will never be my regret
And doubtly, I own his respect
He is very meek when he speak
When he kisses me, I feel so weak

Beside him, I will not suffer
For me, he is my great lover
He catches me everytime I fall
He’s always ther when I try to call

Everytime he looks at me
My heart filled with felicity
When my man holds my hand
I will never find another in this land

He is the man who predicts our future
In burdens, together we’ll endure
He is the man who’s very solemn
When I cry, he’s there to condemn

Having him in my life is chimerical
And yet looks like so mythical
He is the man I ever dreamed for
He is the only one who stays in my core

Moon and the sun witnessed our story
Even breeze knows our guarantee
He is the man who takes his vow truthfully
And do his word artlessly

My Last Vow

You did a promise that you’ll never leave
They were colors in my heart that I really weave
But I prove that no promise can be done
If to your love, you are not the one

Thank you for everything you’ve done
Though we’re apart and you are gone
Thank you for the love you’ve shown
Though your heart now I can’t be own

I admit you’re the reason of my month’s tears
And might be the reason of my future’s fears
That’s why I wrote this poem for the last time
That I can dream that you would still my man

I will miss your confusing smiles
Your traits that captured by my eyes
I will remember you when I hear our song
I know, to forget you it might take long

And for my last vow I say this to you
All the love I had for you is true
You’re just my boy of yesterday
But you will never be my man of today

Falsa Sinceridad

You came into my life unexpectedly
And you filled my world with felicity
I didn’t envisage this way to ensue
Didn’t expect this kind of value

Grateful when you pass this way fortuitously
In this nameless place I strangely dally
Am I under your spell that makes me spellbind?
I can’t get out of this reverie you hurl behind

Seconds, minutes, and hours have outdid
I am keen on you oddly, seems not stupid
You mean the whole thing to me now
An angel that smiles so sweet, I vow

But the day had drawn closer
Something’s not in lovely matter
I had a feeling that you found somebody new
Afraid to lose you but what else can I do

I asked you to deal with this mess
And bestowed you all the chances
But I think, I loss this game
Disastrous to win your heart I aim

You told me that you still care
Didn’t mean to glimpse another girl
You fervour the two of us at the same time
Then what kind of feeling you like me to mime

I keep on loving you though it’s foolishness
Grant you time that you want even it is useless
Sacrifice the split seconds that you’re with her
It takes time before you come to be there

Alone. Crying at the corner
Only the breeze can hear my whisper
What I have done for you to do this
There’s no moment for us to seize

I can’t stand with this kind of ride
I love you but you’re not even at my side
Yes, you hold my hands with all your might
But also holding hers intensely and tight

I’m weedy to admit that we’re not meant to
All I know is that I extraordinarily loved you
But we cannot share with your one affection
I need to give you up while she’s holding on

It is very hard to own your playful heart
If somebody is wishing for the other part
I am yearning to win it but I am beaten easily
By your traitorous and faithless sincerity

Te Estaré Esperando

At the middle of the night
I only feel the gentle breeze that pass
I am prisoner of light
Killing time under the oblivious stars

I am the victim of my own crime
Antagonist of my own novel
Feel deadened like rime
Doubts of mine, I still remember 

Hit by this beyond belief emotion
Took my life then at once leave
How I wish I could still hold on
Even though I almost concede

Came by just to thump me
Starts with immense heaven
Acting as if it is endlessly
But happy when causing pain

I feel cheated when it discoloured
I feel worthless and nobody
Never come to realize that I’m abandoned
But it cannot feel my fury

Where am I suppose to tell
In the stars? Moon?  Breeze?
Feel like living in hell
Why this thing makes me seize

The stars are heavenly glowing
Like angels that sing lullaby
Never fade and continuously smiling
Chased by my humorous eye

How I fancy love is but the same
Keeps on singing, and free from pain
Neither gives anguish nor blame
Instead, hilarity and seventh heaven

How I wish love makes me believe
That it’s the sweetest sacrifice
That there is no throbbing to relieve
There is come back with the lies

The moon had sight his farewell 
Mist hugs me when he’s leaving
It’s the dawn and midnight’s dwell
Until he comes back, I’ll be waiting