Saturday, November 27, 2010

Past Whisperer

It is very ridiculous to reveal
Afterall what happened, I love you still
And it made my heart cry out
And a feeling inside of me wanted to shout

I admit, it hurts me when you did it once
But my heart melted with your simple glance
I’m afraid to let go of the past
For you are the reason why my heart beats fast

I always remember you when I hear our song
I know, loving you this way is very wrong
How will I give another chance for you
If there’s in my life, a somebody new

Even I’m with another guy
I was tricked when I used to lie
I proclaimed that I am over you
But why my heart want to pursue

Saying “I hate you” is only in my mind
My spirit taken away, that’s why I can’t find
Though you still have space in my heart
I and our memories need to settle apart


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