Saturday, November 27, 2010

Falsa Sinceridad

You came into my life unexpectedly
And you filled my world with felicity
I didn’t envisage this way to ensue
Didn’t expect this kind of value

Grateful when you pass this way fortuitously
In this nameless place I strangely dally
Am I under your spell that makes me spellbind?
I can’t get out of this reverie you hurl behind

Seconds, minutes, and hours have outdid
I am keen on you oddly, seems not stupid
You mean the whole thing to me now
An angel that smiles so sweet, I vow

But the day had drawn closer
Something’s not in lovely matter
I had a feeling that you found somebody new
Afraid to lose you but what else can I do

I asked you to deal with this mess
And bestowed you all the chances
But I think, I loss this game
Disastrous to win your heart I aim

You told me that you still care
Didn’t mean to glimpse another girl
You fervour the two of us at the same time
Then what kind of feeling you like me to mime

I keep on loving you though it’s foolishness
Grant you time that you want even it is useless
Sacrifice the split seconds that you’re with her
It takes time before you come to be there

Alone. Crying at the corner
Only the breeze can hear my whisper
What I have done for you to do this
There’s no moment for us to seize

I can’t stand with this kind of ride
I love you but you’re not even at my side
Yes, you hold my hands with all your might
But also holding hers intensely and tight

I’m weedy to admit that we’re not meant to
All I know is that I extraordinarily loved you
But we cannot share with your one affection
I need to give you up while she’s holding on

It is very hard to own your playful heart
If somebody is wishing for the other part
I am yearning to win it but I am beaten easily
By your traitorous and faithless sincerity

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  1. I just stumbled upon your site and wanted to say that I have in reality SPARTAGEN XT enjoyed reading your website posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.ow Im frustrated. Im not saying you are responsible, I think it is everyone else out there that isnt taking notice.