Friday, October 17, 2014

Phantom of Emotion

There was a girl who almost gave up
Waiting for someone who could offer love
Knowing that it’s impossible to find
Knowing that there’s no one else behind

Treated every man futile and treacherous
Heart’s cheater; she who suffered woes
She felt betrayed by all of her decisions
Unaided. Howling unto unreasonable mourns

But there was this man who came out of the blue  
Elucidated that life is beautiful, she regret to view
Made her believe in the charm of a second chance
Enfolded her care she never had even at once

He did nothing but made her feels special
In any way she never expected and desire
He showed her the love that is out of the ordinary
He did everything just to win her juvenile sympathy

From his eyes that tells different stories
Down to his heart that speaks without worries
She deems that this man is exceptional
Accept as true that this man deserves someone

Everytime she cries when everything turns her losing
This man always catches her and stops her from crying
His gentle words that make her feel at ease
Are words that would like to heed by her ears

Unintentionally she fell in love with this guy
A feeling she won’t ask for more or ask why
He who portrayed love not after the way she dream to be
Not gone for sweet kisses and mild embraces that is ordinary