Saturday, November 27, 2010


It’s stupidity if I still love you
Afterall what happened, look what you do
We know that we were not meant to
What is it in me if I just let you go

Now that I have somebody new
He’s my man, if you only knew
If you also had it, it’s not an argue
But how come letting me know, you pursue?

Do you want to hurt me that way?
I am not affected, I will always say
If you have somebody else, I’ll pray
Longed your companion not like ours yesterday

You don’t need to show me the reality
Coz’ I faced it when I set you free
I just don’t know if you really agree
Coz’ in times we meet, you looked guilty

Stupidity, yes it is
Stop that, I say it please
I know; our memories just made you miss
But I beg you, with my new one, give us the peace

1 comment:

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